The problem with leading a normal life is you have very little to blog about that’s anything other than your normal goings-on. But, it’s a new year now and I want to do something with this site, so here’s hoping I can keep up with a few more status updates than once every 2-4 years.

I’ve undergone a lot in the past 2 years now. I’m on my own again without roommates, I’m engaged to a wonderful woman, who happens to live in the US currently. I’ve also got my own wheels for the first time in 4 years, and I’ve joined a writing group, which helped me finish my much-maligned novel project of ‘Outcast.’

Work’s been keeping me busy with trips and, well, work. I’m not complaining though, since a lot of folks I know have lost their jobs due to the current oil slump. I actually prefer to work in industries that aren’t so tied to the hip to the oil patch out here. In a boom-and-bust kind of world, I’ll take stability any day.

As for the podosphere, I’ve been fairly active as of late. I’m participating as a panelist on a weekly vlog-cast called Holy CRAP!¬†which is a weekly show that talks about skepticism, critical thinking, religion, and even some politics. No one on the show is an expert; we’re just a bunch of folks having a discussion like folks meeting in a pub would. Sometimes we get special guests from other similar podcasts, and while it’s a video show, I help to maintain a podcast version of it on their site. It’s not much, but it keeps my audio mixing skills up.

As for my own projects, I’m working away at ‘Outcast – A New Beginning,’ which is the sequel to ‘Outcast,’ as well as re-recording my audio version for release on Plenty to keep me busy over the next few months I suppose.

I’ll check back in soon with more of my so-called ‘ordinary’ life.

Welcome to Youngest of Five Studios, the portal into the creative world of me, Chris Hvidsten…Hm…did that honestly sound as cheesy as I thought it did?

Ugh…I was never one for snappy intros.

I’ve had this site now for a few years, but haven’t really had much time or inspiration to expand on it other than to set up my two podcast collections here.¬† The plan now is to connect everything to this site, making navigation easier and providing a proper nest for all my future creative endeavours.

What you’ll find here currently for podcast/journal entries are:

Outcast: My science fiction podcast novel

The Kick In the Cast: My first podcast show, which was really a test to see if I could really ‘do it.’

The Black Sheep Podcast Blog: This was something I was thinking of putting together as a podcast, and still might one of these days.

As the site grows and I get more content, I’ll make sure it all links back to this central nexus point.